Wireless vs Satellite - What's the Difference?

What's the difference between 4G WiMax and 4g Satellite Platforms?

4G WiMax

Towered Line of Site technology.

4G Satellite

Brand New 4G Satellite Technology. Featuring the worlds' highest capacity throughput satellite

Why 2 Platforms?

Xplornet knows that meeting the needs of rural high speed customers is a huge challenge. Many people live in areas where having a clear line of site to a tower is a problem , and it is for that reason that they developed an aggressive plan to update the existing older satellites with new 4G satellites. While they aren't perfect, they are vastly improved over the older satellite systems and can allow you to gain access to internet in places where traditional internet systems will not work.

What's the difference?

4G Wimax internet is the most preferred way for us to hook up a rural customer. It gives customers the most range of speeds and the fastest reaction times. Satellite, is still a great option when WiMax is unavailable. It gives speeds up to 10Mbps and is a great way to get connected. Satellite does have a few more limitations than towered services. Satellites are thousands of kilometers away, and as a result there is a ping time or lag of on average 800 milliseconds. To an average user, this won't make much of a difference, but for those who want to play Multiplayer Online games, Intensely Graphic Online games, use VPN or Voice Over IP, or do real-time stock trading, this could be an issue, and satellite is not recommended.